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A working meeting was held with representatives of the company "Victoria Wright"

On the 17th of February in Regional agro-industrial holding JSC" was held a working meeting with representatives of the company "Victoria Wright" " . The meeting was attended by representatives of "Penza region Development Corporation ", MUE "Development Agency of entrepreneurship of Shemysheisky district", Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of forestry, hunting and nature management of the Penza region.

On the agenda were issues for the implementation of two projects: the cultivation and processing of crops and processing of wood (in the future construction of a furniture factory).  In particular, Chinese investors were interested in the selection of the desired land area (20 thous. Ha), their location, and forested.  Employees of the Agro-Industrial Holding provided detailed information about the presence, location and area of ​​agricultural land types in the region.  Company "Victoria Wright" interested in land tracts in the Kuznetsk and Sosnovy Bor areas, as well as in Vadinsky and Zemetchinskom.

 On the issue of implementation of the wood processing project discussed the proposed forest quality and the monthly volumes of consumption for the production of boards made of solid wood and pellets.

20 Февраль 2017
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