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Business meeting was held with representatives of the International company 'Riechfield Orion International, Inc.'

On 16 February 2017, the CEO of the Penza Region 'Development Corporation', Sergey Shelementiev met the representatives of the International company 'Riechfield Orion International, Inc.'.
There have been the following members of this meeting: the CEO of the 'Richfield Orion International, Inc.', J.Brett. Stuart, together with his assistant, R.Kenneth Lindell and the Commissioner for the Entrepreneurs' Rights in Penza Region, Karim Kuzachmetov.
For the last 3 years the American Corporation has strengthened business cooperation with the foreigner investors having made it possible for them to deal with the investment projects on the territory of the USA. More and more investors from the Russian Federation are asking for permission to have such possibilities in the American investment business. 
On this business meeting Sergey Shelementiev told the foreign guests about the investment potential of our region and the most priority investment projecs.
During a conversation both sides have come to the conclusion to continue mutual beneficial cooperation. 

16 Февраль 2017
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