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The delegation of the Penza region takes part at the Business forum with participation of business community of Turkey and Penza region

The Business forum was opened with a welcome speech of the Council of external relations (DEIK), a member of the board, Cengiz Gul. During his speech, the development of economic relationship between two countries was discussed.

The Chairman of the Government of the Penza region, Simonov Nikolay noted that external relations between Turkey and Russia are very developed.

The external turnover of the Penza region with the Turkish Republic in 2017 amounted to 9 288,3 US $k (121,3 % by 2016 году), it amounted to 1,8 % of the total external turnover of Penza region for 2017.

The external turnover of the Penza region with the Turkish Republic for 5 months of 2018 amounted to 1 910,3 US $k (205,7 % by 5 months of 2017), it amounted to 1 % of the total external turnover of the Penza region for 5 months of 2018.

The companies of Turkish holdings «Agsen», «Arbel», «Cemil Özgür Group» operate on the territory of Penza region.

During the presentation of the investment possibilities of the Penza region, the Deputy Chairman of the Penza region Government Luzgin Andrey brings to notice that the Penza region is interested in the development of mutually beneficial trade and investment relations with the Turkish Republic in different fields, included industries, agricultural sector, tourism, education sector.

Over the past five years export of products of machine-building and instrumentation manufacturing industry amount to 41 % of the total volume of the export of the Penza region. The main export products are the bulk equipment and piping valves for a recovery, transmission and conversation of the gas, petrol and oil-products. Also there are compressor equipment, production of machine-tool industry and other products, that are produced by enterprisers of the Penza region.

After the official reports, personal communication with representatives of the Turkish business and the answer to their questions took place.

At the end of the forum, negotiations with the Turkish company «Felda Iffco» were held. The parties discussed cooperation in the field of supply of Penza agricultural and food products. The result of negotiations was a signed agreement between the Penza region and company «Felda Iffco».

Also representatives of the Penza region negotiated with the Turkish company «Mak-San» cooperation in the field of supply of the food equipment to the Penza region. 

05 Сентябрь 2018
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