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Development Corporation paid a working visit to Shemisheysky District

Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Luzgin paid a working visit to Shemeshiysky District on May 5, 2017. During the meeting, the issue of the implementation of the investment project "Construction of a mushroom production complex in the Shemysheyky District" was considered together with the Development Corporation and the Regional Agro-Industrial Holding. According to the head of the administration of Shemysheysky district Vladimir Fadeev, the project worth is 90 million rubles. It involves the creation of up to 200 jobs. 15 pits totaling 9.9 thousand square meters were prepared, which is 48% of the total projected area. «At different stages of the project, it is planned to produce from 4 to 7 tons of mushrooms per day,» - noted the head.

Andrei Luzgin with the initiator of the project "Shemysheysky Industrial Complex,ltd" visited the construction site. "Currently, equipment for growing mushrooms and producing substrates has been purchased, metal construction for building installation, equipment for building the building has been purchased." Electricity and gas were supplied to the site, "A.V. Luzgin.

The complex is planned to be commissioned in August 2017.

05 Май 2017
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