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Industrial sites could be organised on leased land plots

On a last session (11th of August) of Legislative Assembly of the region an amendment to the “Regarding industrial parks of Penza region” law was made. Now, it is allowed to create industrial parks on land plots that taken to lease if this action was initiated by lessee.

Explanatory notes stating that this was made in order to assign the status of industrial park to industrial site “Industrial’nii souz”. Its address in Penza, Central’naia street 1 (old plant of PZVT). The land plot is taken on lease by OJSC “Penza region Development corporation” and featuring a complex of closed buildings with total floor space of 56 thousand square meters.

The law will come into force in 10 days from the publicity date.

At present moment there are 3 industrial parks in Penza region – “Otvel” in Kigevatovo village (Bessonovskiy district), “Serdobskii” on a territory of Serdobsk district, “Davidov” on a territory of Shemisheiskiy district.  

13 Август 2015
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