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Enterprisers of the region are invited to take part in webinar «Exporting food products in China»

Information Webinar «Exporting food products in China», organized with the participation of ANO "Soyuzkspertiza" and Chinese National Corporation for inspection and certification (CCIC) will take place at 10:00 a.m. on the 17 of January, 2017 .

 The main topics of the webinar:

 • Legislative and regulatory requirements for food products in China;

 • The procedure for certification of  food products in China;

 • Requirements for imported products and suppliers / vendors;

 • Customs regulations of the China in relation to the import food products;

 • Financial rules, credit, insurance, execution of payments.


 • Van Chengzi (WANG CHENGJIE) - Director of the tracking control of the production cycle CCIC goods;

 • Yu Antszyun (YOU ANJUN) - Director of certification of products and management systems of the China National Centre for Certification (CQC);

 • Yin Chin - General Director of LLC "Trade Tszyulunfu" (credit card company).

 Videoconferencing will be organized by TrueConf program (contact for the webinar in TrueConf: TrueConf address book, a group of Russian Chamber of Commerce - Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Library).

 It is also organized broadcast live on the website of the RF CCI technical steps for successful viewing videoconferencing described http://tpprf.ru/ru/video/conference/35374/(на this page).  To view the live video you must use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Yandex Browser or Mozila Firefox.  To enter you need to "guest Login" and enter the guest completely "Surname, City" in Russian.

For technical connectivity issues:

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13 Январь 2017
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