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Investment rating of the Penza region municipal districts was generated over the first quarter of 2018

Economy Ministry of the Penza region generated an investment rating of urban districts and municipal districts over the first quarter of 2018.

When this rating was forming, we took into account the work of municipal authorities with investors and representatives of small and medium businesses, the development of the municipal-private partnership and the assessment of the control response as well as an availability of state and municipal service for business in multifunctional centers.

The rating leader over 1 quarter of 2018 was Kuznetsky district. The top 3 ranking also includes Gorodishchensky and Bessonovsky districts.

The municipal development agency of these districts granted a commodity credit totaling more than 11,8 million rubles, held more than 200 workshop, Business Roundtables and other events for business representatives.

"Creating a high-quality business environment throughout the region is the main task facing the government of the Penza region". Sergey Kapralov, Minister of Economy of the region, said that this rating allowed you to evaluate the actual result of the efforts of municipal authorities to improve the business climate and create favorable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses.

19 Апрель 2018
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