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Modern greenhouse complex can be built in the Penza region

EAN Agency S.r.L announced its willingness to build a high tech greenhouse complex for vegetable growing at the meeting with temporary acting Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev on Monday, June 20.

EAN Company is an engineering subsidy of the Israeli D.F.I Ltd. and recently has involved in agricultural investment projects in Russia. The project that was discussed at the meeting in the regional government involves the greenhouse construction occupying the area of 15 ha. The first phase involves 2, 8 billion rubles investment with the year-round vegetable production volume of 12-15 thousand tones taking into account. The project is expected to be located in the industrial park near to Serdobsk.

Within the project cucumber, tomatoes, radish, dill and parsley are considered to be grown. The first stage of the complex will be located on the site occupying the area of 25-35 ha with its possible further extension to 100 ha for the second construction phase. The project is planned to start in 2016.     

20 Июль 2015
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