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Investment department report was presented to the region's government

Доклад об итогах работы инвестиционного блока был представлен на оперативном совещании в правительстве области

The report on the summary of the work of Minister of investment development and external affairs in the first half of the year was presented by the temporary acting first deputy chairman of the Penza region Government Vladimir Volkov during the briefing session in regional Parliament on Monday, 27th of August.

Vladimir Volkov has reported that there is an upward trend during last 5 years of increase of investments in capital assets, overall amount of attracted investments for this time is more than 340 billion of rubles. Interestingly enough, the biggest amount of investments are aimed on development of agricultural, hunting and forestry industries (41% for the first quarter of 2015) and manufacturing activities (15,73% for the first quarter of 2015). 
During the report it was mentioned that the region has sustainable good rankings. Primarily, ranking agency Expert RA have excelled the low level of criminal risks and growing investment potential of the region. At the same time another ranking agency – Agenstvo strategicheskih iniciativ, Penza holds the 6th place in a group of regions with comfortable conditions for business. 
Vladimir Volkov highlighted the main activity area of his department. The key international partners are China and Turkey. At the same time we are seeking for cooperation with Persian Gulf countries, Iran, Denmark. The main thing that attracts potencial investors is industrial zones Penza region have. There are Otvel’ indusctial park in Bessonovskii district, Davidov park in Shemisheiskii district and Serdobskii in Serdobskii district of Penza region. 
At the end of his presentation, Mr.Volkov proposed to create a project office that would work under implementation of plans aimed to improve investment climate in the region.  

28 Июль 2015
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