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+7 (8412) 46-80-58 аварийная служба

Clarification of the project atributes.
Organization of primary negotiations
2 working days
Consideration of the investment project
by the Government
Up to 10 working days
Project implementation
Registration of request and transfer it
to the appointed project Supervisor
1 working day
Consideration of the investment project
by the working group of PRDC
Up to 5 working days
Preparation of the Protocol of Intentions and agreement with the project initiator
Up to 5 working days
'Penza region Development Corporation' provides 'one-stop shop' support for investment projects. This principle allows to make the implementation of investment projects much easier, reduce administrative barriers and paperwork burden, speed up the process of getting information. The aim of PRDC is to provide a comfortable interaction between investors and government representatives.
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