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Penza region and the company "Zhongnenda" (PRC) signed an agreement on cooperation

The delegation of the Penza region is on a business visit to the People's Republic of China.

Governor Ivan Belozertsev signed an agreement on cooperation with the "Beijing Electrotechnical Company of Zhongnenda". Within the framework of the Agreement, the parties confirmed their intentions to implement the investment project "Construction of a production and processing agricultural complex", which provides for the construction of plants for the production of vegetable oil, flour, starch, drying complex, granary, vegetable storage and other objects on the territory of the industrial park.

"At present, economic relations between China and Russia are effectively developing. This is the position of our heads of state, and we see a great mutual benefit in this. Jobs are created for our citizens, the enterprise works successfully, taxes come to the budget, "the head of the region specified.

It is expected that as a result of the project, at least 270 people will be employed. The total investment for the period until 2019 will be about 18 billion rubles.

"We invite you to implement those investment projects that you plan to implement in the Penza region. The government of the region will help in this",  Ivan Belozertsev concluded.

16 Июнь 2017
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