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Penza Region Development Corporation has signed the first agreement at SPIEF 2018

On  May 23, 2018 within the framework of participation in the SPIEF 2018, an cooperation agreement was signed between AO Penza Region Development Corporation and the Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Business OPORA RUSSIA. As a part of the agreement, the parties agreed to cooperate in the development of the economy of the Penza region, the realization of the economic possibilities of the Penza region, to promote the implementation of state and regional industrial policy in the Penza region by providing information, analysis, consulting and other support to the subjects registered and operating in the Penza Region activities in the field of industry, industrial and technological infrastructure, cientific-technical and innovative activity, implementing investment projects in priority areas of the Russian industry.

The document was signed by Dmitry Polukarov, the CEO of the Penza Region Development Corporation, and Denis Kashirov, the head of the regional department of «Opora Russia».

23 Май 2018
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