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The delegation of the Penza region visited the "Simem" company

The Penza region delegation visited the company "Simem" within the framework of the official visit to Italy on 19th October. Ivan Belozertsev met with the Director General of the family firm Michele Furlani at the Verona headquarters.

The head of the Penza region noted that the cooperation of the company "Simem" with the house-building plant "Betonium" will give the Penza region a positive dynamic both in the economy and in the social sphere.

Michele Furlani also agreed that cooperation with the house-building plant "Betonium" has a great importance for the work of the company "Simem" in the Russian market.

The general director of the Italian company called a joint project with "Betonyum" futuristic, expressing confidence that the production will be launched in the near future.

19 Октябрь 2017
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