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The Government of the Penza region signed an agreement with the company "Asia Communication Alliance" (PRC)

The signing took place in the framework of the second meeting of the Council for Cooperation between the Regions of the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation and the Upper Middle Current of the Yangtze River of the People's Republic of China on Friday, June 16.

Asia Communication Alliance is engaged in the provision of services for the organization of rail container transportation of goods from Russia to China on freight platforms of the Chinese high-speed rail train "New Silk Road".

The parties intend to unite their efforts to solve the problems that will ensure the mobilization of financial, credit, material and other types of resources aimed at arranging the supply of agricultural products and food products to the producers of the Penza region to consumers in Central China.

"Cooperation with the Company within the framework of this protocol will allow enterprises of the food industry of the Penza region to facilitate the procedure of entering the Chinese market, and will also help to increase production capacity and the output of regional enterprises to the international level," the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government Andrei Luzgin said during the business meeting.

16 Июнь 2017
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