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The strategic presentation service of the Russian Federation subjects "Support of small business" was created

The main Internet portal of the Russian regions, the News Agency of Russia and the editorial board of the journal "Economic Policy of Russia" form a strategic presentation service for the Russian Federation subjects "Support of Small Business" to the regional and municipal executive (" https://worknet-info.ru/business)

Also regional and municipal executives share news in the field of assistance to small business on the territories of regional settlements of Russia on this site https://worknet-info.ru/my-blogs

You can see activities aimed at the development of business and the consumer market as well as other additional information on this site https://worknet-info.ru/events

Regional and municipal entrepreneurs, as well as ordinary citizens that plan to open their own business and find supporters in its promotion, are given a free opportunity to accumulate current information about their products and services in the sections "My products" https://worknet-info.ru/my- products or "Market" https://worknet-info.ru/products. Consolidated Working Groups of Regional and Municipal Development can be created in the section https://worknet-info.ru/groups

20 November 2017
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