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We invite you to take part in the wide-scale Exhibition of the Russian foodstuffs ‘Russian Gastro Week’ in Germany

The ‘Russian Export Center’ JSC is planning to organize in Shanghai (18, March) and in Ukhan (22, May) an exhibition of the Russian foodstuffs, and the B2B meetings of the Russian exporters and manufactures with the Chinese importers and distributors to promote exports of the Russian products on the Chinese marketplace. More than 100 Russian export-oriented enterprises will take part in this exhibition.

The program of this event envisages the presentation and the tasting of the Russian foodstuffs, and also B2B meetings.

‘Russian Export Center’ JSC undertakes to pay the financial costs for the rent and decoration of the exhibition space, and also supplement with the necessary equipment. It is supposed to publish an exhibition catalogue with the brief information on activities and products of the Russian enterprises. This catalogue will be used as the handout for the Chinese partners. Also there is no registration fee.  As for the travel and accommodation, every participant must pay for it on his own.

We invite you to take part in this event!

All the application forms should be sent till 7,April 2017 to Morozkina Anastasia Ivanovna (Tel.: +7(495)937-4747(add.6227), Mobile:+7(926)302-6979, E-mail: Morozkina@exportcenter.ru)

24 Март 2017
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